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© 2018 Online CounsellingMost problems we encounter in life are associated with relationships either a current one or from the past.

So whether you are married, in a relationship, or single, we can help you with any difficulties you may have in forming or maintaining a happy relationship.

Using a range of proven theories and techniques, and with complete confidentiality, we offer a quality service from qualified and highly experienced professionals who have been trained to work with relationship & sexual problems online. We call this an integrative approach


We are also one of the few recognised trainers for online counselling courses & e-therapy and have trained many counsellors world-wide  so you can be sure you are dealing with the experts

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Why have Counselling?

You may find it difficult to understand just what your problems are you just know you feel awful and your life is not happy

Talking to a professionally trained & experienced counsellor or therapist really does allow you to explore these difficult areas and, together, draw up a workable action plan.

There is no magic our experienced professionals work really hard to understand your position and by searching for underlying patterns in your behaviour, we can offer an alternative perspective that will help you to develop a new understanding of your story and of yourself.

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